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Cronos Research is here to help you make wiser decisions based on your own research, not on the "next moonshot" hype


With our DeFi and NFT directory of more than 400 Cronos projects, you can explore the necessary information regarding the project to quickly navigate through the ecosystem

Our awesome features

Listed NFT collections include details about supply, prices, or contract address and are tracked once live on the secondary market in our unique charts with historical values for floor price, volume, or active listings

Our awesome features
Stable interaction

Cronos interaction can be sometimes hard during congestion. We have a full Cronos RPC list with community upvote function, so you never have to struggle which RPC to choose

Our awesome features
Insights and News

Although mainly on our Twitter (@croresearch), consume insights, opinions, and news in a short, understandable format with sources always attached for refference

Our awesome features
Weekly Summaries

CROWeek is our weekly newsletter with a summary of news and data insights on Cronos chain, coming out each Sunday so you can quickly learn what happened in the past week

Our awesome features