Cronos Event Calendar

In our Cronos Event Calendar, you can find all events happening on Cronos as submitted by individuals or projects at the bottom of this page. To provide the best possible user experience, you can also filter events by their appropriate categories like General, Space, AMA, Airdrop, or Contest/Giveaway. Lastly, you can also add individual events to your own Google Calendar by opening the event details after clicking it in the calendar.

Add your own event!

By submitting the form, you can add your very own event to our Cronos Event Calendar! Please, fill the respective fields carefully to avoid duplicate submissions. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND including starting time of the event also in the description, as well as if your event is being hold on Twitter to include URL directly to the scheduled space for quick access. All submitted events are undergoing approval process to avoid spam and malicious events.

Thank you for submitting your event!

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