Cronos Mint Stats

Mint stats is a unique tool to provide additional insight to the performance of Cronos NFT project's mint. All listed Cronos NFT projects in our directory are being reflected in Mint Stats with updated data daily. To learn more about the project's mint performance, simply click the project's card to open details about it's mint including length of the mint, minted supply, daily average or approximate of days before mint out. *Approximate is calculated based on daily average of minted supply. This means the approximation DOES NOT have to be accurate as there are various factors that ARE NOT counted in the approximation. Please, consider it as truly informative.


Cronos Research is not responsible for your investment decisions as project list serves purely informational purpose. You should always do your own research about the project. This project list does not serve as a financial advice, as it may also contain unverified or risky projects.

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