Cronos RPC List

Cronos RPCs are used to interact with Cronos Mainnet Beta chain. During heavy loads of transactions, there can happen that certain RPC stops to work for a while. In that case, you can find full list of public Cronos RPCs in the list below and try them to see if different one works for you or upvote the one that you like and use the most for other users.

Remote Procedure Call, in short RPC, is a set of protocols through which the user interacts with the blockchain.

Using RPC, user can query the blockchain related information (such as block number for example) and send the transaction request through the RPC to interact with the specific blockchain (in our case Cronos Mainnet).

If you are using MetaMask, head to "Settings", select "Networks" and click "Add Network" and fill the fields as following: Network Name: Up to you, for example "Cronos" New RPC Url: RPC Url you have chosen Chain ID: 25 Currency Symbol: CRO Block Explorer URL: After saving, you should be able to interact using the selected RPC.

Unfortunately, you can't. DeFi Wallet is tied to the default RPC of

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