1) Exposing CougarSwap to 20,000 users with 20% conversion

Everyone can do a giveaway, but are you able to make a giveaway worth for you more than the rewards to participants?

19,658 Impressions

Using a combination of lucrative rewards, scarcity, and clever Tweet timing strategy, we were able to reach nearly 20,000 users

Over 4,000 New Followers

Using calculations of Engagement - Profile Visits of our profile, we can assume that over 4,000 people who engaged were already following us and bring new cross follow to the client

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CougarSwap Collaboration
Dr. DAO Article Stats

2) Helping Dr. DAO in explanation of stolen funds

Dr. Dao has been shaken by an incident that occurred just hours after celebrating being sold out. As there were a lot of questions and rumors, we collaborated with Dr. Dao's team to provide an explanation of what truly happened behind the curtains.

More than 100% coverage of the holders

Based on the past data and the number of holders at the time, the article helped with the explanation to the "wider than only holders" audience

Available everywhere

Using our SEO, the article has and is being accessed through our Twitter as well as Google searches.

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3) Exploring NFT price movement for PhenixFinance

Outside of our past collaboration, we have decided to bring insight into floor price valuation of PhenixFinance NFTs using our in-house built NFT Analytics in the past.

Knowing where you are is key to success

Bringing important project metrics to both project and the public is important to sustaining a high-quality relationship between the project and users, attracting potential new users


By being transparent and bringing never before seen data on Cronos, we reach 4,000 users across the chain on Twitter.

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PhenixFinance NFT Price Chart

Graphical work for various projects

We at Cronos Research always focused on providing easy access to information for the community, so why not combine our enthusiasm with our skill set of providing easy-to-understand graphics, how-to guides, infographics or banners?

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